The Engineering Job Fair prompts: How to pass the session without any problems!

Winter exams are approaching very fast and as students we know that fear of failing appear even faster in our heads. Fortunately, Engineering Job Fair Team has 10 valuable tips for you that will make your session easier than ever.

1. Create an action plan

The key to effective learning is to avoid chaos! Pay attention to the exam dates and count how many days are left until each. This way, it will be easier for you to divide the material into parts and successively learn new messages. We also encourage you to review the most important elements shortly before the session.

2. Necessarily remember about the rest!

Spending several hours with books and notes will be counterproductive - you will quickly feel tired, and the enormity of the material will demotivate you for further work. Professionals, on the other hand, advise you to learn according to the 45/10 scheme: spend the entire 45 minutes on intensive learning, after which you will let your brain relax for 10 minutes. Then it's a good idea to listen to some soothing music or go out into the fresh air quickly.

3. Do not get distracted

The biggest obstacle on the way to a successful session are the things that will try to distract you from learning. As you probably guessed, it is primarily your phone or computer that attacks with notifications from social networks. Of course, you don't have to switch to writing letters to your friends - all you need to do is mute and hide your mobile phone, and close everything that is not related to studies on your computer.

4. Do not forget about food

Intensive learning requires energy to be supplied to the body, just like exercising in the gym. Without proper nutrition for such a strenuous activity, your body will start working against you. Rather than focusing on integrals and commands in C ++, one thing you can think of is delicious food for which "you don't have time." It is a good idea to prepare water and healthy snacks at the study site so that your brain does not run out of fuel.

5. Think, what may appear on exam

The lecturers often advise students on what to pay special attention to or directly inform them that a given issue will appear in the test. So remember if your lecturer has not given you a few points for free in this way.

6. Notes, notes and once more notes!

Each of us thought at least once: "I will not write it down, because it's in the book / presentation." Now consider if you have looked at this information later, or if you even remembered what it was about. We learn most effectively by repeating the message: if you take lengthy notes of a lecture and then turn them into a mind map again and repeat again, you will save your mind a lot of work.

7. Ask for help

Note that you are not the only student in the field of study. Studying in a group of several people can bring you even more benefits than alone. Make an appointment in a small group with someone and work together on your success. You can exchange notes, question each other and fill in the gaps in your knowledge. Just remember point 3 - zero distraction.

8. Do more than the minimum

On the tutor's website you found 5 examples to practice? Find the next 5 and solve! Have you designed all the algorithms from the lecture? Ask someone to come up with a few more to write for you! Our brain loves everything that is repeated and thus assimilates knowledge on any topic much easier.

9. Get enough sleep every night

Students are known to be able to learn at the expense of sleep. This is not a good solution, even if there are only a few days left until the exam. The mind needs regeneration just like the body. Compare studying to running a marathon. After reaching the finish line, athletes do not start the next race right away, but allow their bodies to regenerate, so that the next challenge will have an even better effect. So make sure you spend 8 hours a day on nutritious sleep.

10. Take control of emotions

We know perfectly well that a failed session is not pleasant. Don't let it end like this! Maintain the right learning attitude, imagine the relief and joy on your face when you see a positive result. Moreover, do not forget about the possibility of improvement on the second date, if it was not your day.

Now you know all the secrets to perfect exam results. Start working today for the dream effect of the session, and nothing will surprise you.

The Engineering Job Fair team wishes you fruitful learning and the best results!