Questionnaire PDI - 2021

We are all curious who turned out to be the best in this year's Employer for an Engineer Plebiscite! In this article you will find all the information about your employers at the time and how you worked in their companies in various positions. It is a great opportunity for young, not yet employed students to learn more about individual companies.

Who took part in the survey?

745 people took part in the survey, most of whom (61.7%) are studying engineering courses. The rest are undergoing master's studies (33.3%), undergraduate (4.8%), and the smallest group are doctoral students (1.5%).

More than half of the respondents (54.4%) were employed, undergoing an internship or an apprenticeship, or running their own business at the time of the survey. Students mostly worked in large companies employing over 250 employees.

Almost a third of respondents (29.8%) were successful in the engineering industry, in line with the field of study. We are pleased to announce that most of you (51.4%) start to gain professional experience thanks to internships and apprenticeships.

The professional situation and the COVID-19 pandemic

As many as 37.4% of the surveyed students felt the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the labor market. A bit more of the respondents (38.1%) did not experience any change, and almost a quarter (24.5%) were unable to determine the direction of the impact of the pandemic on their professional situation. The current epidemiological situation in Poland had the greatest negative effects in the sectors of professional, financial and development stabilization.

Student expectations

The most desirable form of employment was an employment contract, indicated by as many as 58% of respondents. Also, most of you would like to work in your current place of residence (56%). The choice of the field of study by 81.5% of respondents is also a success, because such a percentage would like to work in the engineering industry related to their field of study.

Sources of knowledge about the employer

Students mainly visit employers' websites to learn more about them. The second position was taken by portals with job offers, and the last place on the podium was taken by the broadly understood Internet. To sum up - you can learn the most about a potential employer online. Various job fairs, recommendations from friends or family as well as social media were equally popular. The data is presented in the chart below:

Factors determining the choice of an employer

The next step on the way to employment is to think about what we really expect from the employer. Almost three quarters of respondents (70.5%) stated that the most important factor deciding about choosing a job is the financial aspect. In second place, with over half of the votes (57.2%), was the possibility of professional development in the company. According to the Students, a good atmosphere at work is almost as important as it was indicated by 48.9% of people as a key factor. The least important were the employees' positive opinions about the company, good infrastructure conditions and the company's social responsibility. The charts below show the total answers:

Employer benchmarks

The companies' poll consisted in selecting the best three employers from among 84, based on your opinions and experiences. The winner was Samsung, indicated by 19.9% ​​of students. The second place was taken by PKN Orlen (11.8%), while with the result of 10.1% of responses, the Volkswagen Group was third.

The main reasons why these three companies received the highest number of votes were good opinions among friends and family, recognition on the labor market and their high prestige.

Congratulations once again to the winning companies!

We would like to thank the Research and Analysis Department of the Center for Innovation Management and Technology Transfer of the Warsaw University of Technology for developing the results of the Employer for Engineer Plebiscite.